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Transcription - Improving Your Bottom Line

eMedDox enables you to trim your transcription costs considerably—without sacrificing quality, flexibility, or turnaround speed. We're able to do this in a couple of ways:

  1. Reduced Line Counts - As you know, the "bottom line" in transcription pricing is all about the number of lines in your transcribed document. Trouble is, not every medical transcription company follows the same definition of a "line." Many times, you pay for a full "line" that only contains one or two words. Because eMedDox conforms to the line lengths specified by industry guidelines, we're able to reduce your line counts by as much as 15 to 20 xx? percent.
  2. Custom Templates - We take information that is repeated in each of your medical documents to generate customized templates, further reducing your line counts. In addition, we do not charge you for set-up, headers and footers, interfaces, or archiving.

Pricing Policy

Our pricing policy is based on the Billing Method Principles set forth by the Medical Transcription Industry Alliance. What does that mean to you?
  • We make sure you are able to verify each transaction reported on your bill.
  • We make sure you clearly understand the definition of all measurements-free of any ambiguity.
  • We make sure you understand how we have calculated your charges.
  • We make sure our billing remains reliable and consistent.
  • We make sure our billing method reflects our integrity; you can count on it being fair and honest, resulting in invoices that accurately reflect and charge for the services we provided.


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