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I am interested in improving the efficiency of my existing transcription procedure
I am interested in improving the efficiency of my existing transcription procedure.

Are you completely satisfied with your existing transcription system? Even though your current way of doing things is getting the job done, you may have areas of concern:
  • Problems with efficiency. The workflow in your office or clinic seems to stall at some point in the process.
  • Questions about your bill. When your invoice for transcription services comes in, you're not certain about what it is, exactly, that you're paying for (and it seems awfully high!).
  • Trouble with access. You may not always be sure the right people are getting the access they need to the transcribed documents.
  • Lack of conformity. Many medical transcription services require every physician to follow a single approach. But because each physician has a unique style and level of computer skill, many your physicians are choosing not to get on board. This is slowing the workflow.
  • Failure to send reports to referring physicians. When you don't send copies of medical documents to referring physicians, you're missing out on a tremendous opportunity to build relationships with referring physicians and to strengthen the level of patient care.

Ultimately, these issues--and others--powerfully affect the care of your patients.

At eMedDox, we know that when you're confident that your medical transcription system is working right, you can be confident that your patients are receiving the best care possible.

We can work with you to customize a medical document management system that's just right for your office or clinic.

We can provide:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Innovative, easy-to-use time-saving technology offers options ranging from next-generation speech recognition software to electronic signatures. This shaves hours off the time spent on the transcription process each month. Plus, we offer 24-hour turnaround on most documents.
  • Verifiable Billing: We conform to industry standards for pricing, giving you invoices you can easily verify and a pricing structure that you can rely on to be accurate and consistent.
  • Easy Access: Your transcribed documents are available online to authorized users around the clock, every day.
  • Flexibility: eMedDox offers a full range of transcription options to suit every physician's preferences. Physicians select the software tools that support their practice, and medical transcriptionists do the rest. Your documents may be sent by email or fax, and can be archived for easy access by authorized users.
    Interfaced with Practice Management Software and EMR.
  • Automatic copies to referring physicians: with eMedDox, you have the option of copying transcribed documents to referring physicians, building your relationships with those physicians and strengthening the level of your patient care.

In addition, eMedDox medical transcription services offers:

  • Money-Savinig features: We use templates that reduce the billable line counts, reducing your line count and, in turn, your costs.
  • Easy Transition: All you need is a digital recorder and a computer with basic Internet connection to start taking advantage of our services.
  • A Proven Track Record: Because we have served clients nationwide for the past 10 years, you can trust our expertise and experience in xxxx.
  • Compliance: Our transcription software meets or exceeds the security requirements outlined by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). A complete audit trail of all actions performed on the system is always available. 128 bit sql security technology.
  • Security: Because your information is stored on several servers, your dictation is safe, even when you experience power outages or natural disasters.
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